Inspiration: HUARACHES– What are they and Why can I eat them?

They are oblong corn masa fried pieces of bliss.

They are edible to Bubble Children because they are made of simply corn masa (corn flour) and water… and are, thus, gluten-free.  Yaaa hooooo!!!!!!

Huaraches are part of the “Sopes” family.  Meaning: they are corn and liquid and flat and tasty.  Oswalda Bibiano (James Beard nominee ’11 and chef/owner of Authentica and Mextiza in Portland) commands a formidable menu of inherently gluten-free menu options.  For some incredible, authentic, naturally gluten-free eating, try Mextica in North Portland.

The home-brewed Huarachitas are sure to not disappoint, as well as their 100% gluten-free, hand-made tortillas.

For those outside of the Portland area, make sure those Huaraches are pure, and if they are just corn and some form of moisture, go to town on some traditional (GF) goodness a la Meh-hi-coh!


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One response to “Inspiration: HUARACHES– What are they and Why can I eat them?

  1. Thanks for the post Jenny! I aim to please! With 2 kids with alerigels in the house you learn to make some things out of necessity. Some of those store bough GF foods just don’t taste good! Oh, and they are EXPENSIVE! I just post what works for us! Have a super day!

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