Glad to live in Oregon: WIDMER GLUTEN-FREE BEER

You can complain about the rain all you want.  (It really isn’t bad at all.  It makes for beautiful foliage.)

Oregon has it made when it comes to GF Beer… thanks to the craft beer producer: Widmer.

Apparently, they had a mission.  That mission was to create a wonderful craft beer (that was also gluten-free).  Mission VERY accomplished.  This is the first gluten-free beer I have tasted that I had a hard time believing was gluten-free.

For those of you who live in Oregon, bravo!!!  You can buy it in select stores (a.k.a. New Seasons Markets and the like).  For those of you who don’t, it isn’t sold in a store near you.  Smuggle it across the border(s) and message the H-E-double-L-hockey-sticks out of Widmer to get it in your state.


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