Most Difficult Allergies to Avoid in Restaurants

The other day a ticket came in that read “parsley allergy”.  Every herb mix we use has parsley.  Ooohhhh la la.

Cooking in a restaurant that serves anywhere from 150 to 600 people on a given shift (compliments of things like Easter Brunch, “pre-show” rushes for the theatre next door, and the James Beard chef tagged to the place), I get to see some pretty intense stuff.

Amidst the organized chaos of firing dishes for the (generally picky) money droppers of Portland, a plethora of tickets come in with allergies.  Most commonly: Dairy and Wheat.

However, these are a few I have gotten recently.  They can be avoided, but you can bet your britches that it is taking some additional prep and sanitation in the back to make sure you don’t die.

1. Parsley (I had to sanitize our whole cutting board.)

2. Garlic (need I say more?)

3. Onion (even chives…)

Always alert your server of food allergies, and if the cook remotely knows what they are doing, you’ll get something you can eat.  It just may take a few more minutes.  :)


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