Good ole’ Grilled Cheese. Bubble Child style.

Happy Monday, Bubble Children!

Let’s start the week off right.  And get cozy.

GF Grilled Cheese Sandwich the classic way:

2 slices gluten-free bread

2 thick slices of aged cheddar cheese, and one thick slice of aged emmenthal or swiss (aged cheese removes most of the lactose from cheese, making it easier for you to digest!)*

2 tbs. butter*

about 1 tbs. canola oil (keeps the butter from burning)

+a saute’ pan that is oven-safe. (aka not non-stick)

Preparation time: 1 minute

Cook time: 10-12 minutes

Yields one delicious, gooey Grilled Cheese sandwich

1.  Pre-heat oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Heat a saute’ pan over medium-high heat.  Start to melt butter and canola oil, and once there is enough liquid to coat where you’re going to drop your sandwich, lay down one slice of bread and top with all of that glorious cheese.  Top with other slice of bread.

3. Cook for 2-3 minutes, or until bottom is browned, and flip over.  Cook for another 1 minute, and throw it in the oven!

4. Bake for about 8 minutes, or until cheese is melted to your desired consistency.  Remove, let cool for a few minutes, slice to your liking, and feel like a really happy kid, again.

*For severe dairy allergies, or to eliminate dairy completely, use a hefty handful of Daiya Cheddar Cheese shreds, and a touch of Daiya Parmesan Cheese shreds.  To replace butter, use one more tablespoon canola oil and add a touch of sea salt for flavor.


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