New Favorite: SOFT AND FLUFFY Gluten-Free Bread

Happy Campers may be how my friends and I felt this weekend exploring the forests of Oregon, but it is also the name of my new favorite gluten-free bread company.

Here are the reasons you will love this bread.  Although they are a local Oregon producer, they ship nation-wide!  Hooooraaay!

<–1. It is actually soft and fluffy.

<–2. I will remind you of this.  (Camping!!  Fire-sticks, anyone?)

<–3.  Because it does not fall apart, you can have breakfasts like this that are convincing and taste like “the real thing”.

(Try spreading Bubble Child “Notella” or add 2 tbs. unsweetened chocolate powder with the oil to your homemade Hemp Seed Butter for this delicious chocolate-y treat.)

Happy Campers bread is egg, nut, soy, dairy, and gluten-free.  Now that’s a whole lotta allergy knocked outa the park.  How they make it taste so good so naturally?  Magic.  Definitely magic.



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3 responses to “New Favorite: SOFT AND FLUFFY Gluten-Free Bread

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