Breakfast for the Intolerant.

When people find out about my “Bubble Child”ness, it’s always surprising how many share the same woes.  For those with the gluten set, their biggest complaint when first experimenting with their adjusted diets is the golden meal: BREAKFAST.

<–didn’t think I’d be eating this when lil miss gluten and dairy diagnosis came about.

With a society that is born and bread bred to have cereal, toast, pancakes, French toast, waffles, etc, as their morning staples, finding a new way to keep old habits can be, well, almost impossible, if you don’t know where to look.

Have no fear, my morning-energy-loving friends.  Arrowhead Mills has come up with a Buckwheat Cereal to solve all of your woes.  This stuff, unlike some other GF cereals I have tried, does not taste like cardboard (thank the powers above us), and is really filling, as buckwheat is naturally high in protein.  Pair it up with some hemp seed milk, for the lactose, soy, and nut intolerant, and you’ve got yourself a slamming, simple breakfast that’ll start off your day juuuust right.


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