Buns, BBQs, and a Band.

you’d Better Believe this Bubble Child BBQs her Burgers with a Big fork*.

(alliteration aside….)  

  <–Meet Jan.  (founder of Happy Campers gluten-free)

<–Meet his buns.  (You know what kind I’m talkin’ about)

He started Happy Campers Gluten-Free with his wife Lacy.  After letting them know how much I liked their bread, what do they do?  Offer to drop off their new buns, freshly baked, to sample…  Wild Buns, party of one!

It turned into a party of six.  I was fortunate to host the talented musicians of Tango Alpha Tango during their tour that weekend around Oregon (they packed the house at White Eagle, that night).

The lead band member has many food allergies/intolerances himself, including garlic (!!!), eggs, and gluten, so they were enthusiastic to test some new GF magic.

Overall consensus?  Happy Campers, we all were.  These buns were absolutely delicious; it was a mere side feature that they were allergy-free.  Best ones I have had, by far.

<–Look at that burger, and tell me that gluten-free buns don’t toast well.

<–the buns are so good they are known to require recitative services…

<–and might impair vision.

Happy Campers buns are available at Whole Foods in Oregon and at the Portland Hollywood Farmer’s Market and Beaverton Farmer’s Market on Saturdays.  For more retail locations, check their site here: happycampersgf.com

*For those of you wondering what’s with the giant fork, you’ll be seeing more of the “Pop the Bubble” utensil leading up to the launch of the Bubble Child cook book.  I know, dreams do come true.


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