Jumping on the Gluten-Free Bandwagon… JUICE?

Alright, alright, juice, that’s enough.  I get that putting “gluten-free” on any product will, in this market, increase sales X percent, but do you really have to mark it “gluten-free”?

Some readers have asked me that if the juice is not marked gluten-free, if it’s OK for them to drink, given the other fruit nectars that confirm that they are.

Here’s a little hint: all juice, if it is really juice from proper fruits that come from any type of soil, rock, or even experimental pseudo-turf, it is gluten-free.  If your juice is not gluten-free, run.  Run far away from that juice, to the genetically modified hills it came from, and never look back.

The only thinkable reason a juice would not be gluten-free would be “artificial flavors”, derived from wheat or wheat-containing ingredients, fake vanillin added into it for some bazaar reason; or, I don’t know, a beer company didn’t yield alcohol in its wheat beer, so put it on the market as juice, instead.

Juice is fine.  Relying solely on GF labels?  That’s why we have sites like this, to share information, so we don’t have to.


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