The Gorge won my Queen of Hearts over 30 miles.

<–Sometimes you walk.

<–Sometimes you fly.

<–It might be easy as pie.

<–But sometimes you just gotta hang.

Oh, my.  When did this turn into a decrepid photo prose?  This isn’t what this blog is about.  It’s about eating.  And enjoying.

So I guess the picture poem wasn’t too far off..

I had the sincere masochistic pleasure of going on my first backpacking trip these past four days.  We covered nearly 30 miles around the Columbia Gorge, and I was carrying about 1/3 of my body’s weight on my back.  Why ON EARTH would anyone do this, you ask?

For views like this.

Packing for backpacking for Bubble Children can be REALLY tough, given that all of the dehydrated foods, that take up next to no room in your backpack and feed about 4 people a pouch, are loaded with gluten, preservatives, corn, modified this’s and that’s, and a whole lotta no-good for those with sensitive systems.  Amongst the quinoa, smoked salmon packets, and dark chocolate bars I escorted up those hills, I hit gold with a sponsored few pies from Queen of Hearts Baking Co.

<–the berry pie may look like it didn’t survive the mess that was my backpack, but it tasted like sunshine and berries wrapped in fluffy pastry.  yum.

Queen of Hearts hand pies are artisanally crafted, and made from all things Bubble Child happy.  No antibiotics or hormones in the meats, dairies, or eggs, no gluten, nothing sketchy, at all.  The beef chili pie simply oozed warm spices and cumin, and this berry thing was just what the doctor ordered after a 5-mile hike.

For those of you wanting your own gluten-free handpies from Queen of Hearts Bakery, check them out here:  They are located in NW Portland, and sell their phenomenal, USEFUL pies at various markets, restaurants and online.


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