Inspiration: Rice Cracker Picnic

Aw, Monday.  Good-bye weekend!

When I was traveling in Spain last summer, I had the succinct pleasure of a beach-side conversation with a young local about philosophy, and what happiness is.  This young lifeguard was studying this trade in San Sebastian (see photo to the right–tough place to study), and had some well-versed insights.  However, what his definition came to, after all the Nietzsche, Descartes, and Thoreau was read, was this: sitting by the river with someone you love, having a beer, and eating tapas.

<–After trying it out this weekend, I agree.

Since tapas are a little more difficult without bread… INSPIRATION!  Sesmark Rice Crackers are the best, by far.  (My “someone I love” actually ended up eating these instead of the bread he had.)  Pair with some lactose-light aged/goat cheese, some chicken liver mousse, small fruits, and a GF beer, and you’ve got yourself happiness.  If only for the moment.


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