Yoghurt Cheese!!

Cultured milk = good

Modified corn starch = no bueno

As fondly as I will always feel about Philadelphia cream cheese, I do have a bone to pick with it– it contains modified corn starch, which, frequently, contains gluten.  And I doubt the milk it is made from is close to any of the udders it came from.

<–My breakfast become gold this morning after discovering Willapa Hills Cheese yoghurt cheese at Whole Food’s.  Pure, farm milk is easier to digest for those with lactose sensitivities, and yogurt has live active cultures that also aids digestion.  It is a near flawless substitute for good ole’ cream cheese, and sat delightfully atop my spelt bread that served as a fluffy bagel-of-sorts under my savory locks and capers.  Yum.



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One response to “Yoghurt Cheese!!

  1. Marlene

    Hi Erica ,
    I went to whole foods today and bought the tinkyada fettucini rice pasta. I also bought udis gluten free bread to use for the bread crumbs in my meat balls. I have been suffering with chronic fatigue syndrome lately and an autoimmune disease for years. After talking with you the other day, I decided to eliminate wheat for a while and see how I feel. Well the fettucini was really good and the meatballs too. I didn’t tell Eric until after dinner and he was surprised. Thanks for the tip. Take care

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