This is NUTS. Am I allergic to prosciutto??

Prosciutto is a thinly sliced ham that is salty, dry, and exquisite paired with… pretty much anything.  Traditionally, this delight of a meat gets its rich flavor from pigs that are “finished” with a rich diet of hazelnuts.

Cease fire… hazelnuts?  You mean, these little piggies are binge eating a lethal allergen and being served as deliciousness?  The question arises– would I, then, be allergic to this meat?

The answer?  YES.


My good friends over at Tails and Trotters make some excellent meat, and use that traditional finishing process of feeding their pigs a diet rich in hazelnuts right before they kiss the sky.  As they do cite on their products, “[their] pork may not be suitable for those with severe nut-allergies, due to the high level of hazelnut-oil in the fat.  Very big-time bummer.

Thus, beware when looking for prosciutto, young Bubble Children, as there may be a fatty amount (pun intended) of histamine lurking around those succulent corners.



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2 responses to “This is NUTS. Am I allergic to prosciutto??

  1. Really?! I would have thought that the animals’ bodies would have absorbed and processes the nut protein. They could just offer the disclaimer to cover their behinds. Still, with an allergy I suppose it is always better to avoid rather than have a reaction :/ Bummer!

    • I thought the same thing! Which is why I did the research. While this is probably a disclaimer for the most acute of allergies (i.e. cannot even smell nuts, etc.), it is worth knowing to avoid a reaction in a time when it would be impossible to seek medical care.

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