easy-to-digest BREAD AND BUTTER.

Waking up to a warm, toasted slice of bread with a just-too-large rectangle of butter, spilling its way across the supple crevices is plenty enough to get me cozy on a Fall morning.  Sadly for Bubble Children pre-this-millenium, this was not a digestible reality.

Recently, I have revisited the joys of Meyerberg Goat Milk Butter.  It is churned European-style, guaranteeing a creamy consistency and taste, and is easier for Dairy Bubble Children to digest, as it is from the milk of goats, not cows.

I have also visited the videos for my favorite gluten-free bread company, HAPPY CAMPERS, and was particularly amused by this one regarding healthy eating tips for children from a nutritionist with her child:

Click for Video Here

The little girl is like a hybrid between a kitten and rainbows.

<–Whole grains… yes, please.



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2 responses to “easy-to-digest BREAD AND BUTTER.

  1. Teresa

    Although you mention Happy Campers bread, these photos look like bread from New Cascadia Traditional. Am I right?

    • You’ve got it. Both breads are delicious– New Cascadia’s Portland Sourdough is pictured at the top. Happy Campers’ video was the inspiration for this post, and some of the fluffiest GF bread I’ve found, hence, the mentioning. The photos were New Cascadia, which is why they are also cited as links in the post. It’s good to live in Portland gluten-free– so many options!

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