Quick and lovely Bubble Child breakfast

While I do suspect you had a marvelous weekend full of warm, toasty breakfasts to combat the crisp, Chris Cringle-inviting air, your work week is ahead of you.  Yes, yes, sorry to disappoint, but the gala of bacon, eggs, gluten-free crepes, and leftovers aplenty will have to slow into a more mellow parade until the second holiday of the “Holiday season” is upon us.

Until then?  I still think we can eat well, even if in a hurry, in the mornings.

Here’s something happy I did for myself today.  I don’t think you’ll be sad if you did it for yourself, either:

Toast, Lox and “Cream Cheese” with Pain au Chocolat. :)

Simply toast your favorite gluten-free bread (do it while putting on your clothes if you are in a tremendous rush to get out the door!) until golden-brown.  Remove, slice in half, and put a few ounces (plus some) of your favorite GF dark chocolate on one half while still hot, and Homemade Hemp Seed Milk Cream Cheese on the other.  Top with smoked salmon, and serve with some dried prunes for good digestive faculty and fruit-filled accompaniment.


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