Let’s make a Goat Cheese Dark Chocolate Truffle, shall we?

IMG_4873<–if I combine this…

IMG_4875<–with this…

My stomach wants to give me a hug.

Now I find myself in France for a few weeks; I am enjoying the pure ingredients across the pond.  Namely, all things relating to chocolate, cheese, and artisanal meats.

This recipe includes two out of three.  Because as much as I love bacon in chocolate, French salami doesn’t quite do the trick!

Tonight, after a long day of checking out chef’s jobs in Paris, I came home with a full platter of raw cow’s and goat’s cheese I had purchased at the local cheese shops… and a huge slab of dark chocolate, because, well, it’s a huge slab of dark chocolate.  After having as much salty content as my Salon Du ChocolateLOWREStaste buds felt like acknowledging, I wanted to move onto something sweet.  Not just a-bar-of-chocolate-sweet, however: something more rewarding.

Using my too-small-to-function Parisian stove, I melted that chocolate over a double burner, added in some raw goat’s cheese (which is easier for those with lactose intolerances to digest because it is BOTH raw and goat’s milk), and stirred until only fine chunks of the goat’s cheese remained.  There is a reason this is my first post in a few weeks.  It is that good, and writing about it, thus, trumps going downstairs for that digestive with French friends.  (really good.)

Enjoy an easy truffle to amuse both your lactose loving and intolerant set alike.

IMG_4866<–what’s there in that glass?

IMG_4867<–No.  But, really?

IMG_4868<– ahhhh.  OOohhhh.  Oh, yeah, yum.

You don’t need to make it in an espresso cup:

Goat Cheese Dark Chocolate Truffles

100 grams your favorite dark chocolate bar

3 oz. soft goat’s cheese

Cooking time: 2 minutes

Serves 2-3

1. Melt chocolate in double broiler (or put chocolate in a metal bowl over boiling water and stir) and melt until just fully creamy.

2. Add in cheese, and stir, consistently, until only fine chunks of the goat’s cheese remain.

3. Spoon into serving device and have your way with it!


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