This is what I do when I am sick.

I cannot say that my obsessive cooking habit has become unhealthy, because now that I am most certainly unhealthy (with that epidemic flu that has been gracing everyone’s presence), this tendency to cook has had quite the positive effects.

Some people lose their appetites when they are ill.  For better or worse, I am not one of them.  In fact, I tend to go quite the opposite.  Maybe it’s my body needing more fuel to fight the bad guys, or perhaps it is sheer boredom.  Whatever the cause, when this Bubble Child gets sick, she cooks.  And she starts to feel better.  (No more third person talking, I promise.)

Here is a gander at what this weekend has held for me.  I have become quite privy to my pantry, and Netflix… and my bed, after the fatigue from eating, cooking, and the flu taking hold.  It’s been real, flu.  Now go away.

IMG_5069Slow-braised grass-fed beef with a truffled beer sauce and seared shitake mushrooms

IMG_5073Dairy, gluten, and egg-free blueberry-rum galette with a sorghum white bean crust

IMG_5085Dairy, gluten, and egg-free milk chocolate quinoa nutmeg cookies

IMG_5091Farmer’s market rosemary roasted lamb chops with herbs de provence potatoes and balsamic watercress

Whatever dish gets the most requests, I will post the recipe for next.  It’s a game!!



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3 responses to “This is what I do when I am sick.

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  2. elizabeth lynn

    Cookies please! Feel better!

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