DA MIMMO – authentic Italian pasta! (gluten-free?)


Authentic Italian food is hard to come by this far away from the motherland.  Authentic gluten-free Italian food?  You’re more likely to see a horse in a tutu than get that on your night out.

Horse in a tutuHm.  Well, then.

They say the best things come in small packages, and I wish I had a package small enough (as far as restaurants are concerned) to transport this charming Italian bistro into my kitchen, my car, my future plans… (you get it.)

DA MIMMO is a new, husband and wife-owned restaurant located in the quaint downtown Sherwood of Oregon.  The husband, who is IMG_5124amorously referred to as “Mimmo” by his delightful wife, Angelisa, hails from Napoli and is the culinary pulse of this place.  Angelisa (an American) discovered her gluten intolerance after living in Rome for 5 years, and was surprised to find that there are many Italians who have the same digestive situation.  No gluten for an Italian?!  Mama mia!!

Whether it is the love Mimmo puts into his pasta, or the fact that the kitchen is so adorably intimate to the dining room (you can see him cook while you eat if you peer through the curtain), or the growing up with his parents’, grandparents’, and great-grandparents’ authentic Napoli cuisine, his fresh gluten-free pasta is something to try, and make a night (or day) out of.

IMG_5114<–gluten-free ravioli made from rice, potato, and tapioca.  Browned sage butter sauce.  Oh, boy, yes, please!

IMG_5123<–gluten-free potato gnocchi.  Made from fresh potatoes, topped with some sort of magic tomato sauce.

IMG_5116<–the master (Mimmo) hard at work.

DA MIMMO is located at 16507 Railroad Rd. in downtown Sherwood, Oregon

Open Tuesday-Saturday for lunch and dinner.  (503) 625-5064



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4 responses to “DA MIMMO – authentic Italian pasta! (gluten-free?)

  1. My new favorite place, YUM!!!

  2. We were the first customers and have been back several times, can’t say enough about this place – DELICIOUS sums it up!!!

  3. KathyGFgirl

    I can’t wait to try this place!

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