Craft-cocktail lovers: ARE BITTERS ALLERGY-FREE?


It’s the weekend and it’s time to get dooooown.

IMG_4424In the suspender-wearing, ice-stirring, house-syrup-making world of craft cocktail mixologists, bitters are king.  What started out as a medicinal blend of herbs and alcohol to aid symptoms like indigestion and circulation have morphed into the third pillar of balance for many a cocktail pedestal.

Is it safe for me to get adventurous with craft cocktails if I have a nut allergy?  Apparently: no!

Fee Brothers Bitters in the bartending world are like heavy metal in the concert world: once it enters the space, it’s hard to hear (or taste) anything else.  Notorious for their overwhelming ability to add a certain flavor to any drink, these bitters get their power from what a bartender friend of mine attributed to the use of glycerin.  Curious, I looked at the back of the IMG_5351bottle, and found “glycerin” listed, along with ALMOND OIL!  Nuts in these, too?!  Thank goodness I don’t want my entire drink tasting like peach, or I might have accidentally sampled something that has once closed my throat up to the size of a cocktail straw.

To sum it up, if you have a deadly nut allergy, make sure to ask your bartender what has infused the bitters or booze he is about to mix up for you.  If it contains Fee Brother Bitters, you might just be having yourself an almond cocktail.

By no means avoid craft cocktails, but please, be an educated drinker.


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