INSPIRATION: Digest with Rum, Mint, and Chocolate.

Mint Chocolate Rum Coffee DigestionI love when things this happy are actually good for you.

…keeping in mind the whole concept of “moderation” of course.  (Eh?  Slip up a bit, I think the resulting endorphins will take care of the rest.)

chocolate and mint and strawberriesFor a lovely après-repas treat, melt your favorite dark chocolate on a rice or buckwheat cracker, or half a slice of GF bread, in the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit until spreadable.  Top, immediately, with thinly sliced fresh mint (topping it when hot brings out the flavor of the mint) and serve with a side of strawberry preserves, a coffee (or hot water and lemon), and a splash of rum.

(P.S. why is this good for you?  The chocolate and berries have antioxidants, the rum and mint have digestive properties, and the coffee/hot water will help process what you have just put in your belly.)


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