INSPIRATION: Pistou vs. Pesto

Bubble Child pestoFor the loyal Bubble Children, you may remember me breaking up with my UCLA boyfriend over pesto.  No, no, it wasn’t that bad, but his mother did almost send me into anaphylactic shock from accidentally serving me a sandwich with pesto that she did not realize contained walnuts until I had taken a generous bite.  Oops.

Fortunately, modern medicine exists, and also so does the French version of most things.

Now I am just being biased.

The Seine in spring<–But is that so bad?

Really tasty desserts.<–Non.

I mean, “no”.

Either way, here’s a fun fact: “Pesto” is Italian in origin, and is a commonly-recognized-as-tasty sauce composed of basil, olive oil, seasoning, nuts, and probably some form of aged cheese.  (Nut-Free version Basil and joyhere.“Pistou” is the French version and traditionally contains no nuts!  It is composed of just basil, olive oil, seasoning, and very infrequently cheese.

Moral of the story (blog post): if you are at a restaurant and see “pistou” on the menu, it is probably both nut- and dairy-free. (..and always gluten-free, unless the Chef has absolutely no idea what he/she is doing.)


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