Dehydrated? Cut up a melon.

For those of you allergic to coconut water (like yours truly) or don’t want the unnatural sugars in sports drinks and are looking for some hydration, try slicing up a melon!  Full with water, potassium, and vitamins, this is a natural source of electrolytes.

off with its head1. Cut off the top and bottom to have a stable platform.

melon edges2. Slide a serrated knife around the edges, following the natural contour of the fruit.

cut along the top3. Cut in half along the flat top.

scoop out seeds4. Scoop out the seeds.  (In Nigeria they use these to make soup!)

sliced melon5. Cut into slices of desired thickness.

Magique!  And doesn’t require screwing off any plastic tops.



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2 responses to “Dehydrated? Cut up a melon.

  1. Nice. I’ve never seen some one cut melon like this before. (I’m usually too busy stuffing my face to notice) Great idea, nice alternative!

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