2-minute Tahini Milk

tahini milkIf you’ve followed my writing over the years at all you’ll notice that the majority of my creativity results from being allergic to food and forced into creating another alternative, “happy accidents”, or, as in this case, not having very much in my fridge and really really wanting to eat something specific.

tahini milk over dark chocolate granolaAnd this is how I found you, Tahini Milk.

As the climate changed in Paris from boiling warm to legitimate scarf and beanie weather seemingly overnight, so did my health, and I was stuck inside with a nice little flu for the past few days.  I awoke yesterday morning with a penchant for consuming that dark chocolate granola in my pantry, yet found no milk or yogurt to take it down with.  As much as I love playing with flavors, the sole liquid being wine that I found simply wasn’t going to cut it.

tahini plus waterHowever, as my culinary training will teach, regular milk is basically just cream with water. Tahini is the (gluten- and nut-free) cream of sesame seeds why not just add water and see what happens?  Sick person logic.

…or so it would have been had my bowl not overfloweth with milk and chocolate granola.  Guess what kids?  If you want to instant dairy-free milk, mix about 5-7 times water with 1 part seed butter in a blender (I used tahini) and you’ve got yourself something to drizzle over that breakfast, pour in that coffee, or, I don’t know, turn into pudding.

tahini milk in blenderBy two minutes, I really meant about 15 seconds, but alas, alliteration..

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