We’re back

potato basket salad pesto fish purple potato pureeHello Bubble Children,

You may have wondered where your allergenically challenged blogging buddy has been for the past several months.  I have been burning myself and eating far too much “studying” to complete the Grand Diplome program in Paris at Le Cordon Bleu.  (Yeah Julia Child’s school… although us Americans are the only ones who really mention that there.  They’ve got more important things to tell us about, like French food.)

After getting a more unusual “cap and gown” than I have received in years past, I am ready to Cordon Bleu Gradautioncontinue working at the michelin-starred Le Pur’ restaurant in the Park Hyatt Place Vendome, which I have been doing extra work at during schooling.  It’d be safe to understate it as “inspiring” for recipe writing!

Thank you for your patience, and let’s turn those food allergies a bit gourmet, non?

Look out for recipes this week… starting with the recipe for the plate at the top of this post.  (GF, nut-free, lactose-light with modifications)



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4 responses to “We’re back

  1. Love your blog Erica! So proud of you. Since Jehr’s cancer we’ve gone gluten and sugarfree. Thank you for the inspiration♥

  2. Becky Yeffa

    Congratulations on completing the Grand Diplome Program! What an accomplishment. Look forward to hearing more about your work and seeing more recipes on your site!

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