Vanilla Avocado Frosting

avocado gems<–I’m gonna make frosting out of you

There’s guacamole and then there’s things you put on cakes.  Let’s not have one be confused with the other.

avocado frosting cookiesIn working on recipes, and having a strong want for cream cheese frosting, I tried my luck hunting down mascarpone on a Sunday afternoon in Paris.  The sun might be unusually open for this gray city (sunshine today, sunshine today!!), but the grocery stores are very usually closed.  There is an open-air market near me that I got to right before closing, where I thought I could at the very least locate some mascarpone from the Italian trader.  All they had left was a very impressive terrine of mascarpone and gorgonzola left.  I might like odd flavors, but gorgonzola in my frosting was not what I am in the mood for today.

I bought an avocado instead.  Those are always good.

In making avocado tahini cookies, an idea crossed my mind to blend half of the avocado with water, whisk in in a bain mairie with starch to thicken it, and then play with it for perhaps another cookie recipe.  As I was whisking the guacamole-esque mixture, I noticed it thickening incredibly, and then a lightbulb went off: it looked like green butter.  I immediately emulsified in some oil to give it some volume and then started adding powdered sugar like you would a traditional frosting.

Looks like I got my cream frosting, after all.  This one is a really happy accident, as it is also dairy-free.  Thanks, gorgonzola.

avocado frostingVanilla Avocado Frosting

-Dairy-free, nut-free, vegan, gluten-free-

Ingredients: 1/4 cup water, 1/2 avocado, 2 tbs. potato starch, 3 tbs. neutral oil, 1 tsp. vanilla extract, a large pinch sea salt, 1/2 cup (+ any extra to taste) powdered sugar

Method: Blend water and avocado in blender until very smooth.  Pour into metal bowl, whisk in potato starch, and keep whisking over a pot of simmering water (bain mairie) until it starts thickens.  Whisk in oil one tbs. at a time to emulsify.  Remove from heat.  Whisk in vanilla and salt.  Bit by bit, whisk in powdered sugar to desired sweetness and consistency (the more sugar, the sweeter and the thicker).



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