Cassava Couscous– you are gluten-free.

Hello, Attiéké.  I like you.

cassava couscous

Attiéké is a cassava-based couscous, a traditional preparation in Africa.  Cassava, also known as “manioc” in French, is gluten-free and a attiékéhealthy starch.  This form of couscous is genius as it takes about as little time to prepare as anything this texture (pour in boiling water and let it soak it up for 5 minutes or so) and is light and fluffy in both consistency and digestive facility.

If you are lucky enough to have African markets in your neighborhood, run there as fast as you can to buy a box.  (or walk gracefully… or most likely drive a car.)  If markets of such do not fleck your streets, you can find it online such as through this site:–Cassava-semolina-Frozen_p_146.html.

No more pretending quinoa is couscous!!


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