EricaBubbleBUBBLE CHILD | banishing the bane of the food allergy.

For someone who, as they say, “lives in a Bubble” and who can’t touch anything, I refuse to eat food subpar of delicious.  Food is something of magic to me, a convivial necessity not just to fuel the body but also imperative to the enjoyment of existence.

I discovered my acute food allergies at age 10 after eating a Brazil Nut sent me to the hospital, arriving with 3 minutes left to live.  My eyes became glued to the ingredients labels of food like it was my job–that’s probably why it now is.  I started this blog back in 2009 as an inspired foodie discovering my added food intolerances.  I work on it today as a trained chef.

During my years of professional culinary experience and personal conversation, I’ve found there are many out there like me who have trouble digesting things they never could eat—or worse, once loved eating.  For these traits, I have taken to calling us “Bubble Children,” all of whom I consider friends, and this site is for friends.

Although ordering food at a restaurant may pose problems, coming from a chef who started toting around an Epipen before a training bra, I want to bring the restaurant to you.  Food is such an important part of living joyfully, a universal form of gratification.  I would never want anyone to suffer from not being able to enjoy the fruits of this life.


Erica von Trapp

bubble child chef


photo: Lauren Jane Berger

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  1. I think the admin of this web site is genuinely working hard in support
    of his site, since here every information is quality based information.

  2. Hi,

    My name is Kevin Gillespie. I do, MUCH prefer to be called Kev however. :).

    I live in Wales, & am now ‘Following’ your Blog, :)

  3. Maria Costanza

    Do you have a recipe for dairy free ice cream that tastes as great as the gelato I was blessed to enjoy in Italy? I was lucky enough to enjoy some dairy free gelato but was limited in choices because of my dairy and nut allergy. Any info or resources would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks and am so happy to have just discovered your site!
    Maria in Toronto, Canada

    • Maria,
      Isn’t Italian gelato something incredible? It’s something to miss leaving that country.
      I do have a recipe for goat’s milk gelato honey-sweetened chocolate chip that will be coming out with the Bubble Child cook book within the month. It can be revised to dairy-free with flax seed or hemp seed milk. I would be happy to send it you before the book comes out if you’d like!
      Bubble Child

  4. Hey – thanks for finding me, and me in turn finding you! I’m a mom to a “bubble child” but the teen is hardly that – public schooled all the way, sleepover camps, trips to Europe and soon, college :). Yep, it’s possible to live a full life, but that said, we also get stuck in a food rut.

  5. Jenn

    A peanut eating dog left our son in anaphylactic shock at 8 months old. He is now five…happily home schooled in his bubble (really he is a happy and adventurous kid!) and with his younger siblings we are free of peanuts, eggs, dairy, gluten, refined sugar, dyes, sulphites and…last but not least we are vegetarian because food limiting is just that much fun (???) Call me crazy…but we have made it work. My bubble kids actually eat A LOT of different foods (how many fruit, vegetables, seeds and gf grains are there?…but sometimes I do get stuck for new ideas….I am SO happy to have found your blog!!!

  6. I came across your blog via eatnutfree. I’m mom to a 18 month old super happy girl…happiest baby in the word…but she has a number of food allergies: nuts, dairy, oats, and I’m sure more that we’re still trying to uncover. My husband and I are foodies and love to travel so I’m scouring the blog world for tips on yummy food both at home and abroad. Thank you for taking your time to share your knowledge and your life with us! I feel a little relief knowing there are resources out there from people who live with life threatening every day, who know how to navigate life.

    • Jen,
      Your girl is so lucky to have come across her allergies so early, also to have such fun-loving parents. Thank you for your comment. As someone who definitely loves traveling, food, and exploring, it is so important to know and explore those resources that aid all of the above in a safe and accessible way. I am glad that you find Bubble Child helpful… ’tis the point! :)
      Please let me know if you have any questions about food, recipes, different towns for eating allergy-free, etc. I would also love your suggestions if you come across something cool!
      It makes me happy to know you are so aware, already, for your child. Enjoy exploring with your wee one!

  7. Lobster Meets Peach

    I just found your blog today and I can’t tell you how happy I am!!!!

  8. Uncle Butch

    You surely do rock!!

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