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BUBBLE CHILD featured on VEGAN MIAM this week

vegan miam screenshotRika and Doni are living the vegan dream.  Their blog Vegan Miam — “miam” deriving from the French word for “yum” — catapults them around the world, where they explore major and minor cities alike, tasting their way through the animal-free side of the local cuisine.  This week, I am absolutely honored to have guest posted a complete vegan version of my homemade spring roll with thai “peanut” sauce.

Nut and gluten-free, of course.  (and complete herbavore as the name would have it!)

I recommend checking out the site.  For meat avoiders and embracers, the photography is so tantalizing you won’t care if the dishes were made from cardboard.  (Which would be rather impressive and disappointing all at once.)

Bubble Child on Vegan Miam:

two springrolls

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INSPIRATION: quinoa puffs

quick little inspiration:

quinoa puffsInstead of starting your morning with rice krispies, try crisped quinoa.  It has more protein and is probably less processed, which means that it’ll leave you fuller longer and be easier to digest.

If it’s not available in your local health food store, try finding it here:

united states: the gluten free shoppe

france: greenweez

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5-minute pizza bread and herb salad dinner

pizza bread and herb saladThere are days when you (I) want to spend hours upon hours in the kitchen, tasting every bit of seasoning, perfectly brunois-ing that shallot until it disappears into thin flavor air, geeking out on how amazing it would be if I could infuse smoked rose into something.

And then there are days like today, when after driving 4 and a half hours in rush hour traffic to return home from a weekend in Burgundy (not bad, not bad), I want to do nothing more than have a few slices, a glass of wine, and a Kubrick film I’ve not seen yet.

Bourgogne drive homeThis is France’s version of a rest stop.

There’s really something I miss about living in New York, or Portland, or even LA (gasp!) for this reason: gluten-free “fast” food is so available and us Americans have gotten really creative in making it taste good.  Tonight, I had no PIE by the Pound or Mississippi St. Pizza to call upon.  I have a local organic store down the street that sells gluten-free bread, and some organic Italian tomato paste in my fridge.  And garlic.  But saying I have garlic in my kitchen is like saying I have a kitchen.

I skipped down the street, more like trotted as my ankle is killing me, to the organic store and found some gluten-free buckwheat loaf, and meanwhile found the aroma of the fresh mint in the produce section to be an irrevocable calling for purchase.  Pizza and mint are not my usual idea of a dinner combination, but I’m gonna follow the old nose tonight.

gluten free pizza bread

mint, parsley, and tomato paste

Bless you naval cavities, you did good.  Within 5 minutes of arriving home, I diced up some garlic, put the extra vegetables I had in my fridge through both sorts of Japanese mandolins I have at home, and popped a combination of Italian flavors topping the gluten-free bread in the oven on broil.  What developed was nothing short of a delicious and surprising combination of flavors!

There are nights you want to spend hours dancing with your ingredients.  There are nights like tonight where I think I could now dance for hours after only spending minutes with them.

gooey pizza bread gluten freePIZZA BREAD (serves 1 as dinner, 2 as appetizer)

ingredients: 3 slices your favorite gluten-free bread; 2 cloves garlic, minced; 2 tbs. tomato paste (organic if possible); 1/2 tbs. fresh parsley, chopped (dried works, too); a large pinch dried oregano; 1 tbs. olive oil; a large pinch sea salt or pecorino or parmesan cheese (low in lactose) or vegan parmesan shreds (both optional but good additions if possible)

method: Pre-heat oven to broil preset.  Top with garlic, olive oil, parsley, and oregano.  Top with tomato paste.  Spread with spatula or finger until evenly distributed.  Top with cheese or vegan cheese or sea salt.  Broil for about 5 minutes, until top has browned and caramelized a bit.

HERB SALAD (serves 2 as a side)

ingredients: 6 red radishes, cut into thin spheres; 3 tbs. fresh parsley leaves; 2 tbs. fresh mint leaves; 1 carrot or 1/4 jicama cut into thin julienne (optional); 2 cups baby lettuce leaves of choice; 1 tbs. balsamic vinegar; 2 tbs. high quality olive oil; a pinch sea salt; a dash paprika

method: mix all ingredients in salad bowl and serve.

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Cassava Couscous– you are gluten-free.

Hello, Attiéké.  I like you.

cassava couscous

Attiéké is a cassava-based couscous, a traditional preparation in Africa.  Cassava, also known as “manioc” in French, is gluten-free and a attiékéhealthy starch.  This form of couscous is genius as it takes about as little time to prepare as anything this texture (pour in boiling water and let it soak it up for 5 minutes or so) and is light and fluffy in both consistency and digestive facility.

If you are lucky enough to have African markets in your neighborhood, run there as fast as you can to buy a box.  (or walk gracefully… or most likely drive a car.)  If markets of such do not fleck your streets, you can find it online such as through this site:–Cassava-semolina-Frozen_p_146.html.

No more pretending quinoa is couscous!!

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Inspiration: Eat to get warm!

It’s no mystery the food we consume has an impact on our internal temperatures and our outward feelings.  With winter coming our bodies are now adjusting to a season that fatigues our bodies just trying to keep warm.

storm coming in from balcony<–it’s a-blowin’ in!

Do your body some good.

roasted sea bass, garlic ginger saladWhile most of us crave really hearty dishes when it is cold, something lighter with dynamic properties could do more of a long-term trick in keeping you warm and energized.


Why it works:

Sea bass, avocado, and sesame seed oil all contain omega fats (the good kind) that are necessary in human bodies to transport nutrients, which will keep you energized, and keep your hair and skin hydrated with the cold weather

Ginger naturally circulates your blood, which will help keep those extremities from getting too cold!

IMG_7692_2Garlic and lemon are natural germ-fighters internally and will help you from getting sick or kill those bad things that have already crept in there

Lettuce and salads are low in caloric density and high in water content and nutrients, which keep you hydrated and fill your stomach, while regulating your digestion and feeling of mobility.  (Cold weather already makes you feel lethargic, so why increase that when you can actually decrease it?)

It tastes incredible, so the endorphins won’t hurt, either.

To make the salad, use the Bubble Child Creamy Ginger Garlic Vinaigrette recipe here and drizzle it over some lettuce and sliced avocado:

To roast your sea bass, simply season it with salt and pepper, cut it into portions, and pop it in the oven on parchment paper or a lightly greased pan at 225 degrees F for somewhere between 8 and 15 minutes (depends on your oven and the thickness of your fish).  You want the fish to be opaque, meaning it isn’t raw or cold in the middle and is cooked through.  Serve with a side or rice, quinoa, or cooked millet for a filling and fresh complement.


or you can just have red wine in snow and call it a day.

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