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Not only do they now offer gluten-free buns, but their ingredients are all of phenomenal quality for a “fast food” chain– aka no hormones in the meat or dairy, and fresh, local produce.  

Various locations throughout Oregon.

Check out www.burgerville.com to find one near you.

The Tillamook GF Cheeseburger won my heart, especially when splashed down with a Sunshine Dairy Vanilla Milkshake.  :)


The coziest neighborhood breakfast cafe you would never expect to find on Northeast MLK.

2716 NE MLK.

Portland, OR 97212

This independently-owned, charming breakfast nook hosts a slough of GF breakfast and lunch items, namely their wonderful hashes, homemade grits, and occassionally GF baked goodies.  (see muffin to the left!)

Cup and Saucer

Breakfast, lunch, and cozy food galore!  Gluten-free pancakes, bread, and french toast!

3000 NE Killingsworth St.

Portland, OR 97211


The only place I’ve ever been where I can order a Norwegian Benedict (smoked salmon, poached eggs, hollandaise, bread!) that was gluten-free!!

Jam on Hawthorne

Best breakfast in town with several wheat-free, gluten-free, and vegan options.

2239 SE Hawthorne

Portland, OR 97214

(503) 234-4790

The corned beef hash and wheat-free chai blueberry pancakes (pictured) are a gluten-free breakfast from heaven.  No joke… I hope they serve it there.  Would make sense!

Junior’s Cafe

Hosting naturally gluten-free breakfast dishes, and cafe specialties, alongside featured Happy Campers gluten-free bread in both French toasts and sandwiches, Junior’s Cafe hosts a delightful atmosphere, as well as food-allergy-friendly grub.

1742 SE 12th Ave.

Portland, OR 97214

(503) 467-4971

It is hard to find a more charming atmosphere with tastier classic American cafe food.  I am so happy they have Happy Campers bread, too.  They’ve got good taste.  :)

Mother’s Bistro and Bar

The name says it all.  Comfort food (pasta, salads, sandwiches, etc.) with GF options.

212 SW Stark St.

Portland, OR 97204

Mother’s Bistro and Bar is more than just a charming atmosphere… their Macaroni and Cheese of the day comes available gluten-free.  Whaaaaat (!!!)


One of the coziest places for brunch in Portland.  GF buckwheat pancakes and huevos rancheros.

3200 Southeast Milwaukie Avenue

Portland, OR 97202
(503) 963-8000

Even though the owner/chef is pretty old-school, he has succumbed to the gluten-free needs of his clientele and delivers some killer 100% buckwheat pancakes.  Worth the trip southeast.  Well worth it!

The Original Pancake House

You guessed it… they have pancakes.  And LOTS of them.  GLUTEN-FREE!

8601 Southwest 24th Ave.

Portland, OR 97219

(503) 246-4955

The best gluten-free pancakes I have ever had.  Coupled with an Austrian lodge-house environment.  And when I say the best?  I mean, the best.  So worth the slight drive/bus ride to the far southwest regions of Portland!

Tillamook Cheese Factory

Really?  As in…the Tillamook Cheddar Cheese?  Yes.  They have gluten-free, too.

4175 Highway 101 N

Tillamook, OR 97141


Not only is their cheese delicious, hormone-free, all-natural, delicious (wait… I already said that), etc, but their cheese factory has a cafe in it where you can get Tillamook cheese (duh) on BURGERS and SANDWICHES with GLUTEN-FREE BREAD.  After growing up on Tillamook Cheese, this really drives home that gluten-free is pretttyyyyy available, now.  It’s my childhood staple, all grown up. :)

Tiny’s Coffee

Getting pastries and great coffee for an allergic palate has seldom been easier.

Many locations, but this one is:

2031 NE Martin Luther King

Portland, OR 97212

They have an assorted variety of GF baked goodies that you can munch on with your Stumptown Coffee, or use to make one of their many sandwich options.




Authentic Italian food prepared by an Italian.  FRESH gluten-free pastas, with modification for nut and dairy allergy appreciated and catered to.

16507 Railroad St.

Sherwood, OR 97140

(503) 625-5064

Owners, husband and wife Mimmo and Angelisa Russo, serve up fresh pasta, meats, and other REAL Italian dishes in a charming and intimate setting in downtown Sherwood.  Just a short drive from Portland, this Italian gem is worth the tiny trip– the best fresh GF pasta I have had, and incredible service and wine options.

e'NjoniE’Njoni Cafe

The best Ethiopian cuisine I have ever had, with plenty of gluten-free, vegan, and organic ingredients.

910 N. Killingsworth

Portland, OR 97217


The food here is, quite frankly, some of the most flavorful I have ever had.  Situated in North Portland, this friendly establishment is very charmingly and very clearly family-owned, and I think the only way you could have food like this ever is if you hired your Ehtiopian Grandma to come and cook at your home for you.  While you, nor I, probably do not have a grandma of such capability in our pantries, come here.  It’s good for you, safe, and darn tasty.


Cuban Food with a feisty atmosphere, colorful patio, several marked gluten-free items, brilliant traditional cocktails and sodas, and all-natural (antibiotic-free) meats.

2811 NE Glisand St.

Portland, OR 97232

(503) 233-0511

If you’re in the mood for a lil somethin’ somethin’ to take you away from the grey weather, or somewhere to relish in the sun, Pambiche is a fantasy land for those with gluten intolerances and food sensitivities.  The dishes are flavorful, the meats are pure (no hormones or antibiotics) and the items marked “GF” aplenty.

Pastini Pastaria

Yup.  Italian food.  Local, with many gluten-free menu options… even tiramisu!

Locations vary; visit their web-site for the place near you:


They’re great with food allergies; since I ordered a GF pasta, they automatically put the cheese on the side.  Quick thinking, for the customers who maybe forgot to in their ordering process.

IMG_5022Tarboush Lebanese Bistro and Bar

Phenomenal Lebanese cuisine with many (marked) gluten-free options, hormone-free meats, and vegan selections.

3257 SE Hawthorne Blvd.

Portland, OR 97214

(503) 235-3277

If their food was not so good and “safe” for Bubble Children, I would still go here for just the ambiance.  Tarboush is a thumbs-up all-around on quality of food, taste, atmosphere, and allergy-friendly selections.  Their Happy Hour is divine, as well, if you want a lot to eat for a little price.  (Not that the prices are high, anyways!)  I highly recommend it.

Touche’ Restaurant and Bar

GF Pizza, Pasta, and Mediterranean plates

1425 NW Glisan

Portland, OR 97209

Happy Hour Gluten-Free Pizza for only $5.50.  YES, PLEASE!



New Cascadia Traditional Bakery

Gluten-free breads, pastries, baked goods.  They don’t use a lot of “filler” stuff!  (aka tapioca starch, potato flour, etc.)

1700 SE 6th Ave.

Portland, OR 97214

The first gluten-free SOURDOUGH I have ever had.  Their cinnamon raison bread is so good it will fool even your boyfriend that the french toast is not gluten-free.  A must-buy for anyone who can get their hands on it.

Tula Gluten-Free Bakery and Cafe

Gluten-free pastries, breads, granola, pizza, salads, cookies.

4943 NE MLK Jr. Boulevard

Portland, OR 97211

Phenomenal selection of GF (and some vegan) breads and baked goods.


|Think your eatery has something to offer to the allergenically challenged and gluten averse?  Feel free to let Bubble Child know|

3 responses to “explore PORTLAND

  1. You may want to get a bit more feedback from
    people who have gone to Junior’s Cafe recently.
    We went, and we will never go back. Ever.
    My wife and I decided to grab breakfast here
    while our boys were practicing for a flag folding
    ceremony for a Memorial Day service at church.
    When we were finally seated, and after we had placed
    our order, the “music” shifted from a low key Willie
    Nelson mix to a high volume combination of
    slurred talking over loud noisey instruments
    It was difficult to even talk or think over.
    Now I have a high tolerance of most things, but this was
    over the top. We even asked the people next to us what
    they thought of it, and they weren’t happy about it either.
    My wife found someone on staff before I did to
    request that it either be changed or turned down.
    Now, my Bride is respectful, considerate, and kind –
    and at the same time articulate enough to communicate
    what she wants to say. She also has a degree in restaurant
    management, among other things and ran one of the
    top restaurants in Portland in her younger days.

    So I was surprised when she came back and said
    that they weren’t willing to change the music
    or turn it down. After a few more minutes,
    we decided to eat at the outside table.
    No sense letting good food go to waste :)
    We took our food to the outside table
    where it was quieter & made the best of it.

    OK, so here is where, had I not seen it with
    my own 2 eyes and heard it with my own
    2 ears, I would not have believed it.
    I swear, I wondered when the camera crew
    was going to come out and say “SURPRISE!”
    and that we were on some sort of prank show.

    One of the staff, who I later discovered was the
    owner, came out with ‘To Go’ boxes and our bill
    telling us we couldn’t have food outside.
    And after trying to tell her that we came outside
    because we couldn’t be inside with that “music”,
    she proceeded to tell my Wife that she was
    being dramatic and immature and that
    clearly this wasn’t her kind of place.
    Seriously – this is where I thought cameramen
    would be coming out any second from hiding.
    Not only was THE OWNER publicly berating us
    in front of other customers, but the only
    drama and immaturity was from her.
    We were completely calm throughout our visit –
    and you could ask anyone there & they’d agree.
    After our scolding, another couple came out and they,
    too had mentioned that they didn’t care for the “music”,
    and they were told they were welcome to not come back.
    Seriously! It was humiliating, insulting, embarrassing,
    and the owner of the restaurant should be ashamed.
    It was a sad experience… Shameful.

  2. Po'Girl

    You should go to Portobello on 12th and Division. It’s absurd you don’t have it on this list yet.

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