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Organic SCHNITZER KRAU Gluten-Free Beer

gf beerI have a feeling the creator of this beer’s first language was not English.

Millet, millet, you spectacular gluten-free grain.  A grain so tasty that it replicates polenta when cooked properly (recipe found in the Bubble Child cookbook) and actual beer when brewed to perfection.

That’s what you get with Schnitzer Krau gluten-free organic beer.

While I am certainly no beer connoisseur (how could I be?!), I have tried enough petite sips “just chilled GF beerto see what it tastes like” to know something good from something bad in the brew world.  This, my friends, is by far the most authentic beer-tasting gluten-free beer I have ever had.

If you have the bureaucratic misfortune and lifestyle benefit of living in my current country, France, you can find it Bio Generation stores, or your local organic food store.  If you are in the States, or anywhere else with internet connection and a shipping address, for that matter, get it here.

Try enjoying it with a caprese salad (the one pictured’s with goat’s cheese, this one has no cheese), some garlic garbanzo beans, and some buckwheat crackers for a lovely après-swim snack.caprese and garbanzo beans with beer

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